Smart Card Truckfill Water Dispensing System and Smart Card Septage/Wastewater Dump System

After supplying Smart Card Stations for over 15 years we now offer the new Attendant System which offers greater advantages than the Smart Card System

Just as the Smart Card system, the new Attendant Terminal is a “paperless” system is designed to offer a Municipalities safe and cost-effective access control for bulk water sales and waste receiving facilities.

The smart card reader system now replaced with the Attendant Terminal actuates the control and delivery of water automatically, with no money kept on site for added security. The terminals provides security & convenience for your bulk water & wastewater/septage receiving stations. They operate year-round, 24/7 and eliminate the need for hydrant meters. Eliminate billing and delinquent accounts with the pre-pay option. It’s ideal for both permanent or semi-permanent installation. We ship fully assembled and ready to install. DIY packages also available.

All water control valves have NSF listed fusion epoxy coatings. AWWA approved water meter with NSF coating. Water meter complies with AWWA C701-Class 11 (accuracy +/- 1.5%). Integral High Hazard RP type backflow preventer (if required). All water outlet piping fully drains at end of fill cycle (complies with CSAB 64.10). Enclosures used for skid mounted stations are tested and certified to ASSE 1060 Standard Class 1. Single or dual fan heaters with separate thermostats. Optional “No power/Low temp” alarm available.

Attendant Terminal

Attendant™ Terminal

Attendant Terminal

TFS-Attendant Terminal