TFS-Attendant Terminal

Benefits and Features

Attendant Terminal


  • Provides security & convenience for your bulk water & wastewater/septage receiving stations
  • Year-round operation 24/7
  • Eliminates hydrant meters
  • Controls access for bulk water sales and waste receiving facilities
  • Eliminate billing and delinquent accounts with the pre-pay option
  • All water control valves have NSF listed fusion epoxy coatings
  • AWWA approved water meter with NSF coating
  • Water meter complies with AWWA C701-Class 11 (accuracy +/- 1.5%)
  • Integral High Hazard RP type backflow preventer (if required)
  • All water outlet piping fully drains at end of fill cycle (complies with CSAB 64.10)
  • Enclosures used for skid mounted stations are tested and certified to ASSE 1060 Standard Class 1
  • Single or dual fan heaters with separate thermostats
  • Optional “No power/Low temp” alarm
  • Ideal for permanent or semi-permanent installation
  • Shipped fully assembled and ready to install
  • DIY packages also available

Software Features

  • Desktop PC software, single and multi-site versions, plus single or multiple outlets at each site
  • Server based version with database on server and software on a network connected PC
  • 1,000 accounts, 1,000 operators (total), 1,000 vehicles (total) and up to 2,000 transactions are stored between downloads, plus these totals are expandable if required
  • Credit or pre-paid accounts
  • Transaction records include: timestamp, site ID, account ID, account name, quantity of water dispensed/collected, and unit of measurement
  • Many standard lists and reports with user specified date ranges sorted by: site, vehicle, operator (driver), transaction, customer/department
  • File transfer direct at site in a CSV format to laptop running the software
  • Optional file transfer by modem, WiFi ethernet connection or RF wireless
  • Optional receipt printer
  • Export file allows export of data to your accounting software
  • Single or multi-site user license plus optional read only licenses
  • Lifetime telephone and email support