Bulk Water Stations

Protect Your Water System with Our Fully Automated aquaLoader® Bulk Water Stations

Provide security, accountability and convenience for your bulk water customers.

Our turn-key Bulk Water Stations generate revenue and reduce administrative costs, creating an all-around solution. Customers can pre-pay (no billing required) or be invoiced using a credit limit. Our bulk water stations are completely self-contained, user-friendly and practically maintenance free. We can custom design or tailor the bulk water stations to your exact needs and specifications. Our bulk water stations include flow control, reduced pressure backflow prevention, stainless steel piping, meter, drain valve, an optional access terminal and a field terminal box.

Solar power and mobile options are also available. Furthermore, we offer ‘DIY’ packages, coin and/or key operated stations, residential Stations, high overhead fill arms and septage receiving stations, plus upgrades to existing water fill and dump stations.

TFS-2-M-H Bulk Water Dispensing Station

TFS-2-M-H Single Outlet Commercial Bulk Water Station

TFS-3-M3 Single Outlet Commercial Bulk Water Dispensing Station

TFS-3-A-M3 Single Outlet Commercial Bulk Water Station

TFS-3-D-M3 Bulk Water Dispensing Station

TFS-3-D-M3 Dual Outlet Island Style Commercial Bulk Water Station

Attendant Terminal

Attendant™ Terminal

Attendant Terminal

TFS-Attendant Terminal