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Specialty Products

Our Specialty Products include:
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Backflow Prevention Devices (by FEBCO)

Drain and Sewer Cleaning Tools (by MARCO)

Insulated Enclosures (by HOT BOX)

Non-Metallic Access Boxes for Waterworks and Irrigation (by ARMOR)

Pilot Operated Control Valves (by BERMAD)

Smart Card Sewer/Wastewater Dump Systems (by aquaLoader)

Smart Card Truckfill Water Dispensing Systems (by aquaLoader)

Valve Excerisers, Deflection Gauges and Smoke Test Kits (by HURCO)

Water Analysis including Chlorine and Turbidity Testers (by PALINTEST)

Water Pressure Packaged Booster Systems (by TOWLE-WHITNEY)

Water Sampling Stations, Flushing, Post and Yard Hydrants (by KUPFERLE)

Our Product Lines are:
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Armor Product Line - click here
ARMOR - Non-metallic access boxes for use in irrigation (turf and golf), and municipal installations plus roadway valve boxes (that can be located with standard metal detectors), curb service boxes and meter boxes.

Bermad Product Line - click here
BERMAD - Pilot operated hydraulic and diaphragm control valves. Pressure reducing, sustaining, pump control, pressure relief, metering and many other applications in sizes 3/4" through 20". Air and vacuum relief valves available in sizes 1/2" through 8".

Febco Product Line - click here
FEBCO - Backflow prevention devices for water systems. Atmospheric and pressure type vacuum breakers, dual checks, double check and reduced pressure type assemblies for horizontal and vertical installation in sizes 1/2" through 10". In-line body styles plus the space saving N-Shape for retrofits and tight locations.

HotBox Product Line - click here
HOT BOX - Insulated Enclosures to provide freeze and vandal protection for backflow preventers, pumps, meters, control valves and other mechanical equipment. A wide selection of standard sizes plus custom designs for any size application.

Hurco Product Line - click here
HURCO TECHNOLOGIES - Join the revolution with the "spin doctor" valve exerciser. Also available the "valve and vac" that combines the spin doctor with a pressure washer and vacuum system for cleaning valve boxes prior to exercising. Manhole ventilation with the "ripcord" plus deflection gauges, whistle gauges, pipe re-rounders and smoke testing equipment for municipal sewer and plumbing systems.

Kupferle Product Line - click here
KUPFERLE - Water sampling stations for indoor and outdoor installations. Available with and without pedestal for ease of use. A complete line of post and yard hydrants in 2" and smaller sizes. The preferred source for a wide selection of "blow-off" and flushing hydrants. Now available the "dual-season flusher" for easy year long flushing operations.

Marco Product Line - click here
MARCO - Drain and sewer cleaning tools including the AutoRoder for main sewers up to 24", a wide selection of "drum style" rooters and the Jet Snake combination jetter/rooter. The patented "DualFeed" system is available on most drum style rooters. The "Jet Force 2000" jetter and a wide selection of power and manual type tools for all your drain cleaning needs are also available.

Palintest Product Line - click here
PALINTEST - The DUO1000 Precision hand-held multi-purpose chlorine meter. Easy to use dual range colorimeter. Use the same meter for 0.00 to 5.00 ppm and 0.00 to 200 ppm. LCD display. Also available the MICRO900 Turbidity Meter with LCD display. Dual range for 0.00 to 50.00 NTU and 50 to 1000 NTU. Also available - ozone, pH and conductivity meters, soil testing kits, lead and copper monitoring, sewage effluent kit and L8 (Legionnaire's Disease) test kit.

Towle-Whitney Product Line - click here
TOWLE-WHITNEY - Packaged water pressure booster systems for residential or commercial plumbing and irrigation systems. Select from "tankless" or "tank" type designs. We can size the system to suit your needs. All systems operate on standard 110 volts are are pre-wired for ease of installation. Simply install into the plumbing system and plug in to a standard 110 Volt outlet.

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Our Specialty Services include:
  • Metered Temporary Water Connections

  • In-Plant Backflow Surveys

  • Consulting services - Assistance with Codes and Standards for products used in plumbing systems

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