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Smart Card Truckfill Water Dispensing System


General Information

Stations can be supplied with a SMART CARD, Key Operated or Coin type control systems.

The Smart Card system is a "paperless" system that is designed to offer a Municipality a safe and cost-effective method to handle bulk water sales. The card reader system actuates the control and delivery of water automatically, with no money kept on site for added security.

The outlet is generally a 3" Cam type quick coupling. The size of the pipe and control valves will vary based on the required maximum flow rate. A complete system package includes all the control and safety mechanisms to insure protection of the potable water supply from potential contamination and accurate recording of the water dispensed.

The billing function is totally eliminated. All payment for water is in advance of any actual transaction. The stations are "Self Service" and operate 24 hours a day. All of this means no additional operating cost to the Municipality or Water Purveyor.

The station may be installed in an existing building or a complete package can be provided to allow the control valves and piping to be insulated in a HOT BOX Enclosure. See right side bar for more HOT BOX station information. >

Stations are also available for warm climates or for seasonal use. The operational components for these stations are housed in a lockable "cage type" design. They are also supplied fully assembled and skid mounted. Solar Voltaic cells may also be used to power these stations for cost effective installation and operation.

Smart Card Personalization Terminal

This terminal is generally located at the Municipal Office. It is used to "Load" the individual Smart Cards with any cash amount up to a pre-set maximum.

art Card Transaction Terminal

Each dispensing station will require one transaction terminal. When the Smart Card is inserted the user is prompted for his PIN number. Once the PIN is entered, a read out will be given of the value (cash) amount remaining on the card. The user is then prompted to enter the amount of units (Litres or Gallons) that he wants. If there are insufficient funds on the card, they are asked to select a new amount. The system will then start dispensing water. The units (Litres or Gallons) are displayed as the water is dispensed. The customer can stop the transaction at any time. At the conclusion of the transaction the card balance is updated and displayed on the terminal. The card is then ejected from the terminal, ending the transaction.

Each transaction terminal (dispensing station) may be programmed with a different cost per unit of water. The unit cost may be changed at any time by reprogramming the terminal.

The terminal will store the following information in a "comma delineated" format:

  • Date and time of transaction

  • Amount dispensed

  • Customer information to the PIN number (card user) level

This information may be downloaded to a computer and reports generated at any time.


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Each card has a programmable chip embedded in it to record the user information and act as the cash storage mechanism. The card is reusable. No magnetic strips are used. There is virtually no limit to the amount of cards that may be issued. The card will work at any dispensing station located within the Municipality.

TFS-3-M3 Single Outlet StationTFS-3-D-M3 Dual Outlet Station
Stand-Alone Station in HOT BOX Enclosure for year round use. Stations are supplied completely assembled including all pipe, valves and fittings. All electrical wiring including the electrical service entrance panel is also included.

The top picture is a
standard TFS-3-M3 Single Outlet Station. The lower picture is a standard
TFS-3-D-M3 Dual Outlet Station. All stations are Skid mounted for ease of installation.

DIY Packages are also available.